Live blog: my last RIT hockey game as a student

30 minutes before game
Game starts in a half hour. Reports of low beer at arena. Murmurs of unrest in the crowd.
Start of period 1
The crowd spontaneously breaks into "O Canada" with unusual vigour, as if praying to Molson for a delivery.
Period 1, 7:00 in
It's confirmed: no beer. Fistfights break out in the stands over the remaining cups.
Period 1, 9:00 in
RIT power play! And is that smoke coming from the section behind the penalty box?
End of period 1
An entire section of seats now feeds the bonfire as full-fledged rioting breaks out. Start first intermission.
Start of period 2
The riot has grown, involving the entire opposite side of the arena. They burn Torf in effigee. The second period begins.
Period 2, 10:00 in
The whole crowd is in chaos. Some fans run for the exit, facing certain death from hockey deprivation. No score halfway through.
Period 2, 14:00 in
Tribes of fans have formed and viciously defend their territory, lined with the skulls of those who dare trespass. AF goal, 1–0.
End of period 2
A tentative alliance forms between the rowing team and the band, brokered by a common member of both. End period 2, still AF 1–0.
Midway through intermission 2
All-out war erupts between the band and Falcons fans. Clarinets stick out of bloody corpses amid threats of an air strike.
Start of period 3
Update: Air Force refuses to bomb event sponsored by Canadians for fear of international incident. Start of third period.
Period 3, 10:00 in
Fans dwindle in number as many resort to cannibalism. Only the clock can save us now. Halfway through period 3, score unchanged.
Period 3, 16:00 in
The fires have burnt out; now we huddle together for warmth. A linesman takes a puck to the face and bleeds profusely. Still 1–0.
Period 3, 17:00 in
Several among us die while waiting for the world's longest delayed penalty against RIT.
End of period 3

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